Real Estate Professionals

Whether you are a real estate agent selling homes, or a property management company filling our skylines with office towers and rental properties, ABAP offers a wide variety of services that can help you manage and grow, including:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Home Inspectors

Real Estate professionals have specialized accounting needs. They are self-employed workers and have a variety of different expenses that can be used as deductions at tax time. Properly calculating marketing expenses, evaluating the ROI (Return on Investment) for any marketing and promotional materials, determining HST remittances, managing vehicle, cell & other expenses in relation to selling property can become more difficult if these expenses are not tracked correctly.

A Real Estate professional like an agent and mortgage broker’s income will also fluctuate due to market conditions and seasonality. Contact our team of tax professionals and be free of all your tax worries and know what are the best deductions available to you. There are a host of items we spend big money on every day that are used during business, but that we overlook come tax time. These factors make keeping proper and accurate accounting records very important. When you earn commission on selling a house, you want to be able to keep as much of it as you can! The best idea is to categorize your daily receipts and review any eligible deductions. To know how best to structure your income & expenses to make the best decisions on ensuring your taxes are paid on time and for the correct amount contact ABAP today for your first free consultation.