Truck Owners

We provide services to all sectors including trucking, carrier cargos, as well as several others. We understand the complexities involved in running a trucking business as a vast number of our clients come from trucking industry. If you are looking for tax preparation, general bookkeeping or more in-depth financial planning and support, we have the skills to help you keep proper track of your corporate taxes, HST and payroll finances.

Revenue Canada has been increasing audits in this industry, in addition to HST, Payroll and Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) audits. Dealing with a specialized accountant, who knows the trucking industry and can discuss the intricacies of your business will allow you to maximize your claim and minimize the taxes.

Our approach:

  • Timely Tax Planning so that you never miss out on an opportunity to maximise your profits and minimise your tax liability.
  • Understanding the dynamics of your business- As is Scenario
  • Assessment of current compliances, taxes with best in class
  • Suggesting the corrective actions and implementation by a dedicated and trained resource